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Film Processing Services from Wessex Photo

We offer professional film processing services in Hampshire, Dorset as well as online. 

In a modern era saturated with digital photography, we have not forgotten the traditional roots of the analogue film camera and film processing.

If you enjoy old-school photography in general and need some advice, get in touch! If you have found some rolls of film at the back of a drawer, we can process these bringing your photos to life as prints for instance. Moreover, you can receive your photos digitally on a CD, USB or via WeTransfer.

Film processing and development is making a huge comeback and Wessex Photo has over 30 years of experience in the film processing industry. As a result, we will take great care of your photos and they will be processed to the highest quality. We also offer a Photo Printing service.

we sell and develop all types of film...


35mm, APS, 110, 126, 120, Colour, B&W, Slide and Disposable Cameras.

Dorset & Weymouth Video To DVD Transfer Services

in-store or by post...

You can drop your film into store at all 6 locations in Dorset and Hampshire. Also, our  service time is 7-10 days (express options available). Alternatively, our specialist film processing store is located at Blandford Forum where we can process your film in under an hour while you wait!



Wessex Photo
9 Salisbury Street
Blandford Forum
DT11 7AU

Or – Click Here to Download a Pre-Made PDF Label

Please include with your package your name, number and the service you require. Once developed we will then take payment over the phone.

£3.50 for Return Postage, Signature on Arrival

Dorset & Weymouth Film Processing Services


Options available for all processing

  • Gloss or Lustre Paper
  • No border, or with White Borders
  • Scan and WeTransfer
  • High-Resolution Scans available for an additional £5.00