Photo books

What are photo books?

Photo books are a great way to preserve memories and keep your photos organised. Unlike traditional photo albums with borders, the new range allows you to combine images of different sizes, add text and even incorporate special effects. With so many features, there’s no limit to what you can create! Plus, since they are printed on high-quality paper stock, they’ll last for years and make a perfect keepsake. Whether you’re creating a personalised gift for someone special or just want to archive your family history, these are an easy way to keep your memories alive forever.

We offer a wide range of photo book sizes and covers to suit every occasion. Sizes range from 8×6″ up to 14×10″. We also have various premium cover options such as Linen, and Leatherette and you can select one of your own images for the front cover. All of our photo books are fully customisable; layouts, backgrounds, image sizes, adding text and more. Alternatively, take a look at our photo poster prints for more unique memory keepsakes.

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Photo Book Services in Dorset, Weymouth & Hampshire