Photo Restoration

A single photo carries a million memories. After many years of handling, tears, folds, scratches and fading on a photo can ruin the memories it holds. Despite efforts to protect pictures, sometimes, fades and scratches inevitably happen. But don’t give up on them or throw them out; with our photo restoration services, we can bring your past back to life so they can be cherished forever.

Restoring Damaged Photos

Printing photographs in the past weren’t treated to high standards. Therefore over time, with fold marks quickly leading to tearing and fading when out on display, or stains and dust marks or scratches, old photographs are susceptible to damage. With our restoration process, we use different tools to bring your photos back to life. We can get faded photos to full colour and eliminate damage from creases, stains, scratches, and tears.

We take scans of your original photos, so they don’t get altered in any way, and work exclusively on the digital duplicates. Digital copies of your restored photographs can be stored easily and shared with loved ones. You can keep the copies on DVD, computers, phones and back them up on the cloud for safekeeping.

Photo Colourisation

If you have black and white photographs and want to see what they would look like in full colour, we can do this too! They’re the perfect sentimental gift for family members, taking them right back to the day the photo was taken. A memory that should never be forgotten.

Take a look at the range of things we can do to restore your old, worn, faded photographs on our Photo Restoration and Colourisation page. We have a price list for guidance, as actual quotes for photo restoration may vary.