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Autumn is a beautiful season that offers a wide range of photographic opportunities. From bright yellows to vibrant red and orange tones in the leaves to colourful but foggy landscapes, it’s easy to see why Autumn is the favourite season amongst photographers.

Here are a few tips you can use to capture some autumnal magic this year.

Sunrise or Sunset

The sun at dusk and dawn have the best kind of light. Commonly referred to as the ‘Golden Hour’, the times around sunset and sunrise are when the light is softest. Landscapes light up with a stunning golden glow, which will help the vibrant autumn colours to ‘pop’ and help create the perfect atmosphere for your shot.

The Magic of Autumn

Falling Leaves

One of nature’s most beautiful times of the year is when the many shades of yellow, orange and red Autumn leaves eventually fall to the ground. Some of photographers favourite things to shoot during this time of year are leaf-covered canals, woodland trails, or if you have a little model at hand (children or pets), you can capture some incredible memories. The fallen autumn leaves not only help to add texture and a pop of colour to your photographs, but they will also help as leading lines in your compositions and also convey motion.

The Magic of Autumn

Don’t Be Put Off by Bad Weather

I know, it’s easier said than done, those cold foggy mornings, you want to stay in bed. But don’t let the bad weather discourage you; Autumn has the unique ability to provide you with some brilliant colours and contrast. Woodland areas or bodies of water are perfect places to venture to on those overcast mornings.
Before heading out, check the weather and be prepared for anything.

The Magic of Autumn

White Balance

Experiment with your white balance settings for those moments that need just a little bit more of a helping hand to capture. If you want to add a warmer look to your photos to enhance the golden glow of a sunrise or sunset, try different white balance levels and adjust to suit.

The Magic of Autumn

Autumn photography is a season many landscape photographers love due to the many opportunities as the season goes on, but not without its challenges. Take your time setting up your shots and experiment with your compositions, subjects, perspectives, but most importantly, have fun!